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03 October 2014

The summer isn't even over, but 2014 is already living up to our expectations! Partaking in an abundance of international speeches, Johannes is rapidly running out of continents to visit. Nevertheless, he remains eager to continue to share his knowledge on design and architecture, and give his insights into various aspects of the creative industry.

We can already promise you that the Bang & Olufsen adventures, groundbreaking projects and speeches all over the world will continue throughout the remainder of the year and into the next! We cannot wait to reveal it all, so stay tuned!

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On air!

29 August 2014
Photo credits Christiane Vejlø

Photo credit: Christiane Vejlø


Analogue or digital? Perhaps both? This might be one of the most important considerations when designing product or consumer experiences in the future. Listen to this week’s Elektronista DK on Radio24syv, hosted by Christiane Vejlø and hear Johannes elaborate on how tactility and digital technology combined can deliver a well-executed consumer experience. As a bonus you will get to know Johannes’ favourite aircraft and a little about a guy named 'Data Max' from his hometown. 

Spoiler alert: It's very entertaining, but unfortunately in Danish so non-Danes may not be able to appreciate it!


Follow this link to listen to the show!

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Our branded space shop-in-shop concept for Danish fashion designer Dea Kudibal recently opened in Shanghai's Reel Mall.

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For some time we have wanted to share some more about all the talents who occupy the space at Johannes Torpe Studios. We asked each of our employees to chose one item that represents both themselves and their work at the studio. Each one has a little story behind it...

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Through the identification of the needs of our client and customer segments, Johannes Torpe Studios has created a value proposition that stems from our speciality in design; branded space. This business model has the ability to enhance the holistic nature of the space itself. It means that each spatial design is created with a one-of-a-kind collection of furniture that fits into the concept seamlessly, therefore becoming a leverage to the design of the space and providing a high degree of client satisfaction.

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