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Through the identification of the needs of our client and customer segments, Johannes Torpe Studios has created a value proposition that stems from our speciality in design; branded space. This business model has the ability to enhance the holistic nature of the space itself. It means that each spatial design is created with a one-of-a-kind collection of furniture that fits into the concept seamlessly, therefore becoming a leverage to the design of the space and providing a high degree of client satisfaction.

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Studio Reception

01 April 2014

Last Thursday was an exciting day at Johannes Torpe Studios. We invited some of our close friends, clients and partners for a studio reception that focused on the nature of 'experience design'.

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A Chair You Can Wear

28 March 2014

Johannes Torpe Studios has teamed up with Kvadrat to create a product design with a twist - a wearable piece of furniture!

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The Space We Occupy

20 March 2014

Johannes Torpe Studios' specialty lies in the creation of branded spaces; the 360 degree experience of a brand within the spatial context. Hence, it is no surprise that the space in which we work and create in every day is designed to be a reflection of us as a company and brand.

Our recently-renovated studio was envisioned to be conducive to communication and, of course, creativity. The general design aesthetic is one of openness and simplicity, with a splash of colour and playfulness.

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Speaking of...

13 March 2014

Through 2013, Johannes was invited to speak at several of the most coveted design conferences and events. This year he continues to share his knowledge on design, architecture and what it feels like to be a creative mind at large.

We predict 2014 to be a year filled with exciting and groundbreaking projects, speeches all over the world, new adventures with Bang & Olufsen and a whole lot more, we cannot wait to reveal to you.


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